The Bloggers

This blog does have my name on it, but there are a number of great people who contribute to this blog. Find out more about them here:

Gary Head – Guest Blogger

538801_10150719734079281_1657790574_n     Gary Head has worked in several ministry settings and is planning to start seminary in Fall of 2014. Gary enjoys attempting to write, with works including a body of short stories, essays, academic writings, and most recently a full-length vignette play to be produced early 2014. Gary’s greatest joys in life are living with his wife, drinking a strong cup of coffee, and donning a fine pair of toe-socks.



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Scott Hall – Guest Blogger & Contributor

     Scott is a Youth and Family Minister in Lubbock, Texas, working in the churches as a youth minister. He has been working with youth for several years now, including outreach ministries in and around the west Texas and New Mexico area. Scott also is an accomplished writer and academic contributor. His academic work primarily involves research on young teenagers and the impact of religious tradition and culture. Scott currently is engaged to be married in the summer of 2014.

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Renee Rhodes – Guest Blogger


     Renee is an active writer, blogger, and actor living in west Texas. She has been on a number of productions including Wit and Into the Woods. Renee is also a kick-tail fiction writer and newspaper contributor. You can check out more of her awesome work at Renee is currently studying creative writing and theatre in Lubbock, Texas.


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