About This Schtuff

I write and share about leadership and life. Plain and simple.

That is my goal. Share great stuff with you about how to be a leader and live a happier, healthier life.

I plan to share these ideas with you not only by writing about these topics myself, but bringing in story-tellers and artists much more talented than I to share them with you as well.

Pulling from first-hand winners and artists, I will hand off to you the very best material I can. And when I can’t get you the first-hand winner, I’ll get a picture of that person and show it to you. Hopefully that will make up for it.

As a writer, it is my responsibility to you to provide good stories and narratives that cause you to walk away with an understanding of a greater truth that causes us to feel great joy.

When I fail to write stories and narratives about these truths, I owe you both an apology and a Snickers bar. And perhaps a link to a story that does offer a greater truth.

And that’s about it. As for who I am, I‘ve been writing since I was 8 and haven’t really quit. Over the years, I’ve written everything from newspaper columns to radio advertisements, plays, books, psychological research, and even the occasion poem or two.

I live in west Texas and am married to the most beautiful woman on the planet. I have a degree in Psychology and am beginning my Master’s degree in Leadership as we speak.

I believe the stuff we read, see, listen to, and play are important – they tell us a story, and I want that story to be a good one! I’m about stories where the good guy saves the day or the guy gets the girl after all. I’m about reading stuff that challenges us to be better people and cut down on “life suck.” I’m about stories that offer hope. I’m about sharing great thoughts from a variety of sources from around the world. So, as you explore this site, you should begin to see the common theme: this site about sharing ideas that promote leadership in life, love, and family. Plain and simple.  


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