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Apart from People Products, I do offer products of my own creation for your enjoyment. And as time goes on, I hope to add more and more. For now, enjoy the following:

Those Unforgettable Black Rims – A Play

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE     It is the end of Virginia Archer’s life, but her love story is only beginning. Featuring two, interwoven story lines, Those Unforgettable Black Rims, winner of the 2012 Cordell Green Playwriting Festival, retells the beautiful story of how a handsome man in black-framed glasses changed Virginia’s life forever.

     As her children and grandchildren pick up the pieces after her death, Virginia’s love story is told in flashback, from the first time she and her love first met to their union forevermore. Those Unforgettable Black Rims is a warm-hearted, family comedy about the love a family shares for one another, no matter what trials they face.

     Book available on in Paperback or on in both Kindle and Paperback editions.
$6.75, or Kindle edition available for $4.99

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    For inquiries about rights to perform the show, please contact author at

The Coward – a novel

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE     Lieutenant John Burke is a coward.

     A pilot for the U.S. Air Force, Burke’s job is to drop bombs on the island of Japan. After a routine bombing run goes wrong, Burke is shot down over enemy lines. Stranded and imprisoned, he must find faith wherever he can to keep fighting. But as Burke encounters the enemy face-to-face, he finds the fight is not as black and white as it appears.

     Harrowing and at times heart-warming, The Coward is a story of faithfulness and compassion in the face of great adversity.

     Sometimes, the most heroic story starts with the most cowardly choice.

Now available on or

$15.49, or $9.99 for Kindle edition

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