A Old Story with Fresh Breath

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Ugh – this story sounds a lot like that movie I saw the other day. Way to be original, people.

One of the greatest Christian allegories of all time
One of the greatest Christian allegories of all time

How many times have you said this? For years, storytellers have been repackaging successful stories in order to make a quick buck. It’s not a new problem and isn’t it frustrating? Didn’t Avatar seem a lot like Pocahontas? Didn’t White House Down look a lot like Olympus Has Fallen? Didn’t The Great Gatsby look exactly like the book, The Great Gatsby!? (Oh, wait… that last one may have been on purpose…) Still, recycling stories can be a real no-no in my book.

But I’ll make an exception for C.S. Lewis.

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is a retelling (an allegory) of the story of Jesus. Retelling the best-selling story of all time in the land of Narnia, Lewis paints an absolutely gorgeous and brilliant picture of a wonderful story. Even if you aren’t a Christian, this book is an incredibly story about love, which is why I repost it here for all to engage and enjoy. It’s also an easy book to read (it takes about an afternoon to read for adults, maybe a week for kids) so there really is no excuse not to read it.

I recently reread this adventure a few weeks ago. I left it with such a sense of awe and wonder that I wore a smile for several days afterward. It’s worth the read. Take a look at Robert Bruce’s review on the book (and take a look at his blog, 101 Books). I love what he said, especially his summation of the book:

Even if you choose to not dig deeper into its meaning, the story itself is still amazing. Redemption. Sacrifice. Forgiveness. Honor. It’s all right there.

And if you haven’t read this story yet, may I be the first to shame you into doing so.





Everyday Superhero – reblog

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This story (above) is for those families with fears – meaning all of us.

The wisdom some children unwittingly possess is scary, especially when you are on the receiving end of some of that wisdom! This story entitled “Everyday Superhero,” written by fellow blogger akbutler, is a beautiful story about how children can impact our lives in just a few short words. The lesson to take away, for me, is this: do not neglect the words of a kid. As simple-spoken as they may be, children understand our adult world better than we adults do, sometimes. Oh, and let’s not forget to confront our fears. “Wal-mart, here I come!”

Try Defying Gravity

It was just an ordinary conversation.

Howie and I were in the car.  It was just the two of us, on our way home from working at the sensory gym.  As is our usual routine, Tim picked up the other two boys and took them home for dinner and Howie stayed with me to finish his homework and play.

While driving, I started talking about the new skating rink that opened up in our town and asked him if he thought he’d like to take lessons.

“Oh yes!” he said excitedly.

“They have special lesson times set aside for kids with sensory issues.  Do you think you’d like that?”

We haven’t had the whole “autism” talk yet.  Or the partial talk.  Or whatever it will end up being.  For now, we’re at “sensory issues”.  Because for Howie, that’s the most tangible and easiest for him to understand, both…

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