Here Goes Nothing – The Coward

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Dear friends,
I need your help!

As many of you know, my book The Coward went on limited release earlier this year. I am thrilled with the success of the book and want to thank all of you for your support. 
This summer, I plan to travel around the region, selling the book at local venues and bookstores. Before I begin touring, though, I am hoping to become a best-selling Amazon author – that is where I need your help!
On Tuesday, May 13th, The Coward Kindle edition will go on sale for only $.99 for one day only! I am hoping to sell a lot of ebooks and make Amazon’s best-selling book rankings. I need your help to do it, though. You can help by taking these two steps:
1) Purchase the book for $.99 on Tuesday, May 13th. Invite your friends to purchase the book for $.99 on Tuesday, May 13th. Purchase it multiple times if you want! You can purchase the ebook for $.99 even if you do not have a Kindle or iPad. The more purchases made on Tuesday, May 13th, the greater chance I have of landing on Amazon’s bestseller’s list.
2) Leave a review for the book by Friday, May 16th on the product’s Amazon page. I realize that some of you have not had a chance to read the paperback version yet, but the more reviews left by Friday May 16th the greater ranking the book will attain and the more likely it will hit the bestsellers list. Also, if you leave a review of the book by Friday, May 16th,  you will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card! I will announce the winner of the book as a comment on the Amazon product page and I will announce it on my website (… that is where you are right now).
Also, even as annoying as chain mail can be, please send this message along to your friends and invite them to purchase the book Tuesday, May 13th and leave a review by Friday, May 16th. The ebook regularly sells for $9.99, so for one day only, they’ll have the chance of getting it for 90% off! 
Thank you for your help. I am hoping that on Tuesday, May 13th, we can slow Amazon’s system down with sales of the book! Your support means the world. 
Kyle R. Bullock
P.S. Click here to go straight to the Amazon page or share this address ( with your friends. It’s not a pretty-looking address. It’s a little self-conscious about that so be nice to it.

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