Coming Soon – The Coward: a novel

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How about a sneak peek at something?

It’s taken well over a year to develop what I’m about to show you. (No, the video didn’t take a year, the thing at the end of the video took me a over a year. I’m not that new to iMovie.)

Today, after all this time, I am pleased to announce that my first ever novel is going to be available from and CreateSpace eStore January 2014 in both paperback and Kindle editions! The Coward is a harrowing and yet heartwarming story of Lt. John Burke, a WWII fighter pilot who is shot down over enemy lines. Burke comes face to face with the enemy and quickly realizes that the fight is not quite as black and white as he first thought.

The cover, designed by super-talented smartguy Nathan Richardson, is gorgeous. I’ll be “leaking” the cover in the coming weeks. For now, I’ll give you this trailer as a first look at the book. I hope you enjoy!


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