Being a Bigger Person

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Revenge is so so sweet. Conversely, knowing not to take revenge can taste oh so bitter. The right thing to do doesn’t always feel good; I love how this blogger conveys that! So I’ll let GillAndrews tell her story; take it away, Gill:

True Stories


I’ve always suspected my parents screwed me up really bad. And still, seeing proofs of it in my everyday life keeps catching me by surprise.

My mother always told me one needs to be a “bigger person”. They disrespect you? Still show your respect. They insult you? Still stay polite. They hurt you? Smile and forgive. Take a deep breath. Be a bigger person. Let it go.

This is what she used to say.

However herself, she always had a truly amazing ability to find your weak spots, no matter how deep they were hiding.

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