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“That guy on stage kinda reminds me of me.”

“I” am the first guy on the left

Oh wait. It was me. 

That’s a weird feeling – seeing someone playing you on stage. Or seeing someone playing your dad or your grandmother on stage. But if you think it was weird for me to see “me” on stage, just imagine what the person playing me must have felt. There they were, playing the role of a real guy who was actually in the audience and also happened to write the play you were in.


In truth, actor David Denton did a phenomenal job playing the part of me (or rather, in the script, “Tristan”). When we were in pre-production for my first ever play, Those Unforgettable Black Rims, David approached me about the role.

“So, uhm, I have a question,” he asked. “I know this role is kind of, well, you. So, uh… How do I play you?”

Valid question.

I thought for a moment. Finally I said, “I guess the best way to play me is not to play me. I play me pretty good; you play you pretty good. So why don’t you play me like you would play you, only as me.”

He cocked his head, puzzled. Valid response.

I shook my head, confused at myself as well. “How about you just play ‘Tristan’ and don’t worry about playing me?”

David smiled and nodded. And that was exactly what he did and he did it splendidly.


In April 2013, director Robyn R. Huizinga and the Children and Adults Theatrical Studio stood at the helm of the script I had pounded out over the past couple of years. Everything – from the cast to the set – blew my mind. The whole production team was incredible. The cast was awesome. The theatre was packed. I was mostly speechless. The success of the show has little to do with me and much to do with the people who took the script and produced great work out of it. I owe so much to the whole group; without them, the show would still just be a few black marks on a page, hidden away on my computer. Thank you all!

The show (affectionately referred to simply as “Black Rims”) is indeed about my family… loosely. And while the actors certainly played the part of my family on stage, another family emerged during production. It was a family of people, unrelated by blood, but bound together by this project. Now that was truly a gift.

The production team that helped make this possible – Cornelius Brown, Zach Kocurek, and Robyn Huizinga.

Accomplishments are great, but what makes them truly awesome are the team of people who supported you along the way, for it truly is a team effort. Imagine a runner who wins the Boston marathon but has no one at the finish line to cheer with her. It would be such a bummer! I’m blessed that the show was produced, but, months later, I look back thankful not just because it was produced, but also because I got to work with some absolutely genuine and talented people who worked and cheered and laughed and cried with me every step of the way. I wouldn’t trade that for anything! 🙂 Thank you all.

With that, I will officially announce that “Black Rims” is now published and available online for purchase HERE or on Amazon.com(It is eligible for PRIME and also comes in a Kindle version).


The book features the full show, pictures from the production, and a special introduction from me. If you’re interested in production rights, simply email me from my contact page. However, if you’re just interested in enjoying a read, I set it up in such a way that it could be read at leisure or it could be read aloud by a family together. Whichever way you engage the show, I pray you enjoy!

Also, I will link a couple videos from the original production here and here. Acting credits go to David Denton, Chanda Riney, Emily Darwin, Tim Robinson, and Reagan Kruse. Not shown are Kelly Robinson and Lisa Hernandez.

Since it is Christmas time, how about a little extra something? – if you go to the CreateSpace store and enter the promo code KWA4LYSL you’ll get 15% off your purchase. Enjoy!


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